CRISTEC CPS2 / CPS3 Remote monitor

kr. 2.943 kr. 2.354 u/mvg

The CRISTEC digital displays enable to get accurate information on the battery voltage, the current delivered by the charger, the battery charge status and the
historic of possible defects (discharged batteries, output overvoltage, etc.).

Only suitable with the CRISTEC – 12V and 24V – CPS2 and CPS3 standard charger and shore-power unit ranges – YPOWER : consult us -, the configuration of the charger type is made through switch combination present on the digital display electronic board.

User-friendly connection and easy installation, the CRISTEC digital displays are supplied with a 10 meter cable and 2 phone type connectors. They check automatically the number of batteries connected to the charger (1, 2 or 3) and can be mounted on the main on-board panel (no additional furniture to be supplied except the screws).

In order to ensure an optimal readability, the digital displays have an integrated back light. They will automatically switch OFF when the charger is disconnected from AC to reduce consumption. etc.).

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