Steel Digi STEEL SHOCK 4

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Tráðleysur kontrollari til PS4

The SteelDigi STEELSHOCK controller is an accessory that impresses with its functionality. In the game, precision, speed of reaction and being ready count. SteelDigi brand controller will prove perfect in the hands of demanding players. The device connects to the console via Bluetooth technology, so users are not limited by tangled cables. Particularly noteworthy is its capacious battery (600 mAh), which guarantees up to 6-7 hours of continuous gaming.

Mechanical buttons reduce the reaction time to a minimum. The appropriate size in combination with a well-thought-out layout of the buttons makes the STEELSHOCK PS4 model extremely comfortable to use. The controller is equipped with a large touchpad for easy access to additional functions and fast typing. The SteelDigi STEELSHOCK also boasts an enhanced vibration that provides maximum gaming experience. It is worth mentioning that by using the share button, you can post screenshots, recordings or go live in no time.

The SteelDigi STEELSHOCK controller features backlighting that reacts to your movements in the game. The headphone jack allows you to plug in wired headphones, and charging the controller is done using the included microUSB cable. Refueling the STEELSHOCK is also possible using the charging station. The controller is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console.