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  • Cobra Surveillance

    kr. 299 kr. 239 u/mvg
    • Single-line PTT
    • High quality acoustic tube
    • Silicon ear tip

    PU cable compliance with ROHS contain high intensity Kevlar is very firm and endurable.
    Waterproof Level: IP54

    OD: Φ16mm
    Resistance: 90Ohm±15%  at 1000Hz
    Sound Pressure Level: 90dB±3dB  at 1000Hz
    Rated Power: 100mW
    Max Power: 200mW

    Type: Electret microphone
    Sensitivity: -40dB±3dB  at 1000Hz(0dB=1V/Pa)
    Resistance: 2.2KOhm

  • Cobra GA-EBM2 Kabling Headset

    kr. 199 kr. 159 u/mvg
  • Cobra Handheld

    kr. 229 kr. 183 u/mvg
    • Water-resistant (IP 54).
    • High impact housing.
    • Strong rotatable metal clip has eight positions.
    • Attached 3.5mm earphone jack on microphone.
    • High-quality speaker and microphone provide clear audio communication.


    Speaker size: 36mm
    Sound pressure level: 94dB ±3dB
    Impedance: 8  Ω ± 15%
    Audio output :1W.

    Type: Electret microphone
    Microphone size: 9.7*6.7mm
    Frequency response: 20-16000 HZ
    Sensitivity: -38dB± 2dB
    Impedance: 2.2K  Ω

  • Cobra GA-EP02 Højttalermikrofon -42dB

    kr. 350 kr. 280 u/mvg

    Simplify your two-way radio functionality with a minimalist earpiece. Includes an adjustable clip and built in boom microphone with a 3.5mm jack for easy plug and play with almost any two-way radio and communication device.


    OD: Φ15mm
    Impedance: 150Ohm±15%
    Sensitivity: 115dB±5dB
    Rated Power:  1mW
    Max Power:  5mW


    Type: Electret microphone
    Sensitivity:  -42dB±5dB
    Impedance:  2.2KOhm

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