Furuno B260 DT DIP Ekkolodd-botnur

kr. 14.775 kr. 11.820 u/mvg

Vørunummar: 2412821020 Bólkar: , Tag: Vís vøru hjá veitara


The B260 will enhance fish detection on virtually all of today’s fish finders. High-performance has been redefined with its Broadband Ceramic Technology. The narrow, 6° beam 200 kHz ceramic will give you excellent resolution and crisp image detail needed for bottom fishing. The B260’s low ringing is perfect for finding fish holding tight to the bottom and other structure. The seven-element 50 kHz array has a wider 19° beam for deeper blue-water fishing. The outcome at both frequencies is excellent resolution and crisp image detail where it’s needed most.

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