McMurdo E8 EPIRB (A)

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Rugged 406MHz EPIRB optimised for new MEOSAR system

Operating Frequencies:
· 406MHz
· 121.5MHz

· Optimised for Meosar
· Accidental activation protection
· Rugged construction optimised for commercial environments
· Hands free carry strap
· 360-degree strobe
· Comes with safety bracket
· 10-year battery life
· Sealed Electronic Unit
· Sealed Battery Unit
· Manual/Auto release options

EPIRB Activation
The unit is in cased in a Auto-house containing a Hydrostatic Release Unit which activates when the vessel is submerged, releasing the water activated EPIRB. Typically the Auto EPIRB is thought of as the vessel’s emergency beacon.

· Float Free Bracket
· Can fit into existing mounting holes from previous Auto Housing bracket
· Magnet deactivates sea contacts when in bracket

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