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  • Simrad AP70 sjálvstýrara betjening

    kr. 16.645 kr. 13.316 u/mvg

    AP70 Mk2 Autopilot Controller

    The AP70 Mk2 is a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of professional mariners aboard a variety of commercial vessels.

    Replacing both the AP70 and AP80 as our IMO/SOLAS autopilot controller, the AP70 Mk2 retains much of the well-reputed platform of its predecessors, but with a brilliant new display and modernised software interface.

    Engineered for responsiveness, robustness and ease of use, the AP70Mk2 pairs a precision rotary control dial with dedicated buttons for instant access to steering modes, several custom-configurable work modes and multiple rudder/thruster integration.

  • Simrad QS80 “Quick-Stick” stýripinnur

    kr. 8.325 kr. 6.660 u/mvg


  • Simrad I3005 Instrument

    kr. 8.435 kr. 6.748 u/mvg

    Product details
    The Simrad® I3005 and I3007 Instrument Series offers a 5- or 7-inch superior colour display with easy touch control, a variety of graphic layouts with the capability to enable up to eight different functions simultaneously.

    Both I3005 and I3007 are IMO approved as a Rudder Angle Indicator, Heading Repeater, Rate of Turn Indicator (I3007 only), Propeller Pitch Indicator, Propeller Revolution Indicator, plus monitor other functions like Engine RPM, Wind Instruments, Digital Data Thruster Propeller Pitch Angle and Boat Speed.

    Offering a flexible installation that supports a wide variety of I/O signal types, both display sizes are approved for SOLAS vessels.

    The IS300 Series has the capability to enable the following simultaneously:

    • Heading Repeater – IMO approved when paired with NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, or LWE heading sensor, such as Simrad GPS and Gyro compasses.
    • Rudder Indicator – IMO approved when connected in an Autopilot System that has the optional display of rudder demand. Reading rudder positions from all Simrad rudder feedbacks or is compatible with NMEA 0183 feedbacks from other third-party systems.
    • Rate of Turn Indicator – 7” IMO approved and 5” non-IMO ROT Indicator with a configurable scale range and is compatible with Simrad GPS Compasses, HS60/70/80, Simrad Gyros GS80/85, and Simrad Magenetic Compasses Precision-9, RC-42
    • Propeller Pitch Indicator configurable for use with Propulsion and Thruster
      (Note: Transducer/sensor not offered by Navico)
    • Propeller Shaft RPM – IMO compliant with a selectable Scale Range
      (Note: Transducer/sensor not offered by Navico)
    • Engine RPM Indicator with a Selectable Scale Range from 200 up to 10,000
      (Note: Transducer/sensor not offered by Navico)
    • Wind Instrument – measuring True Wind Speed and Angle, Apparent Wind Speed and Angle, Beaufort Wind Speed Indicator with Selectable Orientations (relative to North or the Ships’ Bow). Compatible with Simrad and B&G Sensors or any NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 Wind Sensors.
    • Digital Data – data layout for display or a multitude of data types; Vessel, Environmental, Navigation, Engine, Depth, Speed, Heave, Pitch, Roll, Time & Date.

    Note: Digital data types can only be selected from the available installed transducers and sensors.

  • Simrad S35 stýrispaki

    kr. 5.840 kr. 4.672 u/mvg


  • Simrad RF45X róðurfølari

    kr. 6.800 kr. 5.440 u/mvg


  • Simrad FU80 stýripinnur

    kr. 8.250 kr. 6.600 u/mvg


  • Simrad AC80S telda

    kr. 25.825 kr. 20.660 u/mvg

    Product details

    Drive computer for on/off or proportional control of rudder or thruster using galvanic isolated solenoids or high level current with possibility for frequency, voltage or current angle feedback, digital drive handshake and external mode input. Built in CAN-bus supply and 4 channel IEC 61162-1 (NMEA 0183) RX/TX.

  • Simrad AP70/80 monteringsbeslag

    kr. 1.980 kr. 1.584 u/mvg

    Beslag til AP70 MK2

  • Simrad RF300 róðurfølari

    kr. 3.060 kr. 2.448 u/mvg


  • Simrad JS10 Stýripinnur

    kr. 3.970 kr. 3.176 u/mvg


  • Simrad GI51 gyro interface

    kr. 9.720 kr. 7.776 u/mvg

    GI51 Multi purpose interface unit for gyrocompasses

    • Inputs: 1:1 and geared synchro, stepper signal and NMEA 0183
    • Outputs: sin/cos, stepper signal, NMEA 0183, and Clock Data
    • Supply 10-40 VDC
  • Simrad GC80 Comp. Gyro System

    kr. 146.875 kr. 117.500 u/mvg

    Fully IMO approved for standard and High Speed Craft (GC85) and can be configured in a dual gyrocompass system. The highest possible accuracy and stability is provided from new technology, by sophisticated and fully sealed sensitive element.

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